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Workshops & Keynotes

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Workplace Wellness

Oak and Cedar has provided many workshops and conference keynotes on Workplace Wellness, including such topics as:


Compassion Fatigue

Vicarious (Secondary) Trauma

Work-Life Balance

Self-care in the Workplace

Enhancing office collaboration

Team Building, Team Wellness



As a therapist with extensive training and education in the area of Trauma, I have provided workshops, professional development and conference keynotes in this area. Topics can, and have included:

Understanding Trauma

Understanding how Trauma impacts the body

Trauma in the classroom

Understanding Vicarious Trauma

Reducing risk of Vicarious Trauma

Reframing dysregulation

Flipping the Script on behavioral kids

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Parenting and Child Development

As a trained play therapist, with over a decade of experience providing Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy, I often provides learning and workshop opportunities in this area. Some previous workshops have included:

Child Development

Childhood Mental Health

Parenting Strategies 

Empowering Parent-Child relationships

Childhood Trauma


Supporting healing through play


Building a Successful Business

As a sole entrpreneur, I have leaned on the wisdom and support of colleagues and mentors over the years, to both build my business and deepen my knowledge as a Clinical Therapist. From my experiences, workshop opportunities have been created to support and empower others, including:

Overcoming the Scarcity Mindset

Strategies to find your Niche

Reducing Burnout

Healing from Burnout

Finding healthy work-life rhythms

Moving from Competition to Collaboration: Important strategies to build a network of referrals and support

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