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Why "Oak and Cedar"?

Image Description: A large Oak tree stands in a meadow, at sunrise. Mist rising off of ground. An unoccupied wooden bench sits beside the tree. A group of other trees are faded in the far background. Photographer: Simon Wilkes

When I decided to open my own practice, one of the most difficult decisions was decided on a name.

I knew I wanted a name that represented me, but also a name that symbolised what I love about therapy and what I want for my clients.

Oak Trees came to mind. They are often considered symbols of Strength, Resiliency, Endurance and Wisdom. In some spiritual realms, Oak trees are often aligned with Power, Honesty and Integrity.

But Oak Counselling, White Oak Counselling and several other variations were taken.

So I knew I needed to add in something else. That's when I thought of Cedar.

Cedar Trees are often revered for their medicinal properties, and symbolized for Healing. Some call it the Tree of Life, and say it offers restoration and revitalization, as well as protection and vitality.

Both trees are also steady. Rooted. Grounded.

These are the things I want for my clients.

I want them to experience

Renewal and Revitalization

Wisdom and Clarity of heart and mind

Empowerment in their life, in their choices and experiences

I want my clients to become Grounded, to experience the steadiness that comes from deep healing

I want my clients to experience Healing, to find deeper connection with their life

Most of all, I want my clients to feel Hope, a rekindling of the spark of life

So, Oak and Cedar it became

A name that echoes what I want for my clients, and that represents my heart as a therapist.

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